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Terms and conditions for purchase and delivery

Golfputters.online is owned and operated by HandelsCompagniet af 1959, Company VAT number: DK32212743, Løvbjerggårdsvej 1, 2980 Kokkedal, Denmark, Contact Pho.: +45 51517788

1. Ordering

The product prices displayed on the website are current prices, and may be subject to change.

Orders from our website may be placed in the following languages: english.

In order to make purchases at Golfputters.online, you have to be at least 18 years old and own of a valid payment method that we accept.

If you have not reached the age of 18, you can still purchase items if you have obtained your guardian's acceptance or otherwise have the legal right.

Choose the items you want to buy and place them in the "shopping cart". When you are finalizing your purchase you are able to change and correct the content of the shopping cart, and you can check the content and the price of the products on regular basis.

Orders cannot be made by telephone.

Once you have made your order, you can print the order confirmation that you receive by mail after the purchase. We also keep the confirmation, which you can get a copy of, by contacting our customer service.

We reserve the right to cancel orders if there has been an error, the product is sold out or the products was listed with a false price.

1.1. Delivering countries INSIDE the EU

All prices shown are incl. VAT, customs duties and other charges.

1.2. Delivering countries OUTSIDE the EU

If you choose a shipping country outside the EU, the prices will change e.g. VAT. You may be charged VAT, customs and additional charges upon or after delivery. Contact the customs authorities in the country of delivery if you are in doubt.

2. Payment

If you choose to pay by card, you are always protected from misuse. You have the option to reject the payment when you receive your payment summary. There are no risks that your card would be misused in an online store like ours, which uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in its payment system.

The information attached to your purchase and payment card, is encrypted (SSL). Either Golfputters.online or other parties cannot access the data of your payment card.

The amount of the purchase will be withdrawn when Golfputters.online has sent the products. It is never possible to withdraw a larger amount than what you have approved when approving the purchase.

At Golfputters.online you can use the following payment methods:

  • PayPal

Golfputters.online fulfills the requirement for PCI DSS and follows PUL.

3. Delivery / Shipping

We strive to ship all orders in which all items are in stock within 3-5 business days. If a product has a longer shipping time, this will appear on the individual size and/or color. This is the longest shipment time that determines when the order is shipped. If we cannot provide an item in the order, we will provide an alternative shipping time. We do not provide multiple shippings to one order. The delivery is made with the carrier you have chosen at the time of booking.

4. Returning (cancellation)

According to EU directives you have a 2 year Right To Complaint.

You may return products bought from Golfputters.online within 8 calendar days, but ONLY if we approve your return in writing before you return your purchase.  
You must notify Golfputters.online within 8 days that you wish to use the right of return, and the package must be back at Golfputters.online latest 14 days after the notice.

When you take advantage of the right to return, you must pay for shipping of the products, and the return is at your own risk - we do not refund return shipments that do not reach Golfputters.online. If you use the attached return label, the shipment is transferred to {{config path="general/store_information/name"}, as the package is scanned upon delivery by the shipping company. Remember to save the delivery receipt from the shipping company.

If you return all items in your order, we refund (in addition to the amount of the products) also the amount of standard delivery.

If you do not return all items from your order, you will not be refunded for standard delivery (but of course, the amount of returned items).

You are responsible for returning your order. REMEMBER - the shipment must be paid in advance. We do not receive returned items are sent to be paid on delivery. If the package is nevertheless dispatched, it will be returned to the sender at the customers own expense.

When you return a product, your money will be transferred to the credit card which was used to purchase the product. It can take up to 5 weekdays before you receive the refund. Beware: With some cards the refunding time can be longer. For Mastercard Credit, the money will be on your account the 1st day of the following month if the refund was made before 20th of the month, or else it will be refunded next month.

You receive full refund for the items returned if the goods are returned in the same state as you received them. The items must not be damaged, dirty, washed, changed or used. You can try the items and test them in the same way as you were in a store. Hang tags, labels, tags and the like must not be removed. Footwear must be returned in the original shoe box.
If your returned items do not meet these requirements or it is visible that the item has been used, you will only receive a portion, or nothing, of the amount of the returned item. The assessment depends on our assessment of the commodity's commercial value.

5. Changing items - if you want a different item

Changing items is carried out in the same way as upon return.

7. Special provisions for Businesses

The same terms of return rights apply to businesses, but with the following modifications:

  • There is no right of withdrawal/return, unless it has been discussed with Golfputters.online before purchase.
  • The right to complain is 1 year from the billing date. Replacement or repair does not result in a new one year warranty period. Danish Consumer Agreement Act section § 77 a, part 3 does not apply in commercial matters.

When using the right to return items, the buyer is be responsible for the shipment of the product, including shipping costs.

8. Complaint - if something is wrong with the item

If your items are defective or missing something from what you were looking at when you purchased the product, you have the right to complain. Remember: it is expected that previously used original military items are subject to some errors and omissions. If a product has been used, it will appear on the product information page.

Under Danish law, you have 24 months' right of complaint. Of which the first 6 months are covered by the presumption rule in Consumer Agreement Act section § 77 a, part 3.  This means that you can either get the item repaired, exchanged, the money back or a discount in the price, depending on the specific situation. This requires that the return is legitimate, and that the defect is not a result of incorrect use of the product, or behavior which has had a destructive effect on the product. The return should be completed within a reasonable period of time after the defect was discovered. The return will always be legitimate if completed within two months after the purchase.

When you want to make a complaint from a product, you should first contact our customer service. Please attach a picture of the defected item. Then you will receive a complaint form to be attached to the shipment of the item. Please do not return products until you have received a complaint form from our customer service.

When you return the defective item, please complete complaint form and use the return label that was attached when you received your items. If you have lost your return label, you can get a new one when you contact our customer service.

It is important that you return your order in proper packaging.

Note: If you do not use our return label, please note that we will not receive packages sent to be paid on delivery or being picked personally from the postal office or the like. We also cannot cover your return costs if you do not use our return label.

9. Return due to incorrect delivery address or if the package was not picked up

In the case that your order is returned to us because you have mistyped your address of delivery when ordering the product, the additional shipping fee will be added to the total charge when we ship your product to the correct address.

If you choose to cancel your order after mistyping your address of delivery, we will charge you for expenses related to shipping and handling, and these will be deducted from the amount you get back from your order.

10. Other complaints

If you want to complain about a purchase made on Golfputters.online, please contact us via our contact form or mail info@golfputters.online. If it is not possible to find a common satisfactory solution to your complaint, you will be able to complain directly to The Competition and Consumer Agency's Center for Complaints.
You can also use the EU Commission's online complaint portal, but this will mainly be relevant if you are a consumer living outside Denmark.