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Kronos Golf Putter - Touch Plumber Neck in Bronze Finish

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New Kronos Golf Putter - Touch in Bronze Finish. A classic design with a Kronos twist. Design and materials pay homage to 1900s. Unlike its predecessors and contemporaries, this putter showcases highly precise milling. Minimal finishing is required. The sharp lines and mill marks tell the story of the club's crafting. Milling from a single piece of carbon steel is labor and materials intensive but necessary to create a soft seamless piece. A thick top line provides solid feel upon impact. The silver pearl finish refines and completes the putter. The Refined Series putters use 11L17 carbon steel. This leaded steel is naturally a softer than stainless steel. Because carbon steel rust the club is coated with a protective layer of nickel, chrome, and PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). The coating combination has been tested to be more rust resistant than stainless steel. The rare PVD is a unique color to Kronos putters that highlights the fine milling. Stepless Steel Shaft in 35" fitted with a Jumbo Odyssey Grip. Made in The United States of America.
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