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T.P.Mills Co. Slot Back Ltd. Edition # 2

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T.P.Mills SLOT BACK Plumber Neck - Collectors Limited Edition - only 6 pcs. available here.

This piece was inspired by TP Mills original 1970’s design for Spalding called “slot back”
It was from the Elite line or family of putters.


This limited run of 200 pieces was made from a one piece hand forging in Swiss German stainless considered a very pure stainless.


The slot back contains several features designed to enhance performance and feel during the stroke. First, the actual “slot” milled in the back wall of the putter creates a more fuller look at address. The “slot” also enhances the ease of alinement by providing a second profile as the ball is placed over the sweet spot. Second, by milling the smaller slot in the back wall the response to the strike should provide a quicker feed back to the player.

An example to help understand if a pebble is dropped in a large pan or dish the wave it creates travels longer to get to the edge and then back to center where as if dropped in a small dish the wave would return much quicker to the edge and back to center providing a more rapid response. This is the thought with regard to the smaller “ slot” all done while balance is perfectly maintained.

In addition to these features I added a tapered pocket and a small bullet milled in the sole was added in order to help maintain a higher center of gravity on the putter face which should promote a smoother roll off of the face.

The objective was to create a shape that was easy on the eyes
The trad II was chosen because of its classic looks and smooth hand cambered lines and edges all done in my Tuscaloosa work shop by hand.

I choose a unique finished called
“ satin raw “ which compliments with the amount of handwork done on each piece.
The cover and grip are also made of a unique leather call “ Bull Leather “ although a thicker higher quality leather the feel is exceptionally soft and durable to the touch with hand embossed logo “ slot back 200 “

I hope this helps in explaining the new 200 piece run of putters
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